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A person cannot stay alive in silo. ionTone builds an extensive network that helps to you to disseminate and retrieve information through its ever-growing network. It is up to you to utilise the network that is built up painstakingly.



Based on what you need or what you can provide, ionTone will find like-minded friends and connect us up to form a community. Ideas are put together and sparks flew. Collaborations between friends and within the community happens magically.



An item might be worthless on its own but when it is put together with others, under a specific occasion it will shine for the moment. ionTone brings out the shine in you, not just only on the physical items that you have.



With community efforts and collaborations, we can create value to anything as long as the conditions are right. Things that are overlooked most of the time, will become the most eye catching item for the day.



Through your actions, our intelligent AI learns about your needs and living patterns. Unlike us, our AI needs no rest and can learn continuously regardless on your location or even what kind of devices you use.

Come Together

COLLABORATE with people of different talents.

Record the Journey

Capture Moments so it may be discovered.

Explore New

Discover other like -
minded individuals
to acheive
common dreams.


Overwhelmed by the amount of data on hand? Our dashboard can organise and categorise your data into logical groups for analysis. With real time data, we can even predict future trends.


Tired of dealing with endless questions by customers? Our chatbot can alleviate your stress by replying their questions for you. What is even better? Chatbot can operate 24/7, replying to your customers’ needs immediately.

BPM Designer

Sick of paying a hefty sum for a small process change in your current IT system? We empower you to make this simple change yourself without any cost involved. With our user friendly UI, it only make sense that business users make the change themselves.

Form Designer

The form is used for a long time in a system and needs a makeover? Obsolete fields in the form should be removed and this can be done by yourself in our form designer. Load existing form, change and deploy new form is all you need to do.

Report Designer

Frustrated with the lack in ability to create ad hoc reports when your bosses request for 1? Use our report designer come up with reports that your boss requires. You can even come up with charts to save them onto the dashboard for real time updates.

Solution Based Platform

Our platform is solution based and each solution is modularised. You subscribe what you require and do not pay more for what is not necessary. Modules can be combined to cater specific business needs.


2011 Microsoft

ISV Partner of the Year

2011 Microsoft

Azure Partner of the Year

2012 Microsoft

CSV Partner of the Year

2013 Asian Banker

Best Branch Automation

2014 Microsoft

ISV Partner of the Year


ITE Accolade

2015 Microsoft

ISV Platinum Club of the Year

Getting Started

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